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Residential Concrete Polishing & Concrete Floor Services

Looking to install a new floor or improve an existing floor?

Have you considered polished concrete or polished stone?

Polished concrete is a very attractive and cost effective way to have a beautiful and durable floor. Polished concrete is used in homes, basements, garages, retail stores, offices, showrooms, warehouses; where ever you have the need for a durable and attractive floor.

Stone flooring is beautiful when installed, but years of wear can diminish this once attractive floor. The smart choice is to polish marble, travertine, limestone, granite, sandstone or terracotta flooring. Polishing stone will restore the natural resplendence by removing stains, dirt, oils, and scratches that come with years of wear and tear.

Enjoy the benefits of polished stone or concrete, including:

Best Concrete Polishing and Acid Staining Stuart, FL
  • Outstanding mirror-like appearance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Cost efficient requiring low maintenance
  • Enhanced condition of poor quality concrete
  • Improved ambient lighting
  • Increased lighting efficiency
  • Stain resistance to oil, water and other stains
  • Slip resistance
  • Process/materials free of toxins and hazardous chemicals

One Call Florida Inc. specializes in residential dyed and polished concrete home flooring and concrete acid staining. A polished concrete or acid stained concrete floor is the most cost-effective and practical home flooring for a majority of interior living areas, basement floors, or garage floors. High in durability and low in environmental impact, polished concrete is the perfect home flooring material for sustainable living.

We know you’re busy at home and want the most practical home flooring. After more than 15 years of acid staining concrete and using topical concrete floor sealers that require a lot of maintenance, we have developed a number of decorative concrete polishing methods that require a minimum amount of home flooring care. We offer cutting-edge technology for architectural and aesthetically pleasing polished concrete flooring. We offer three different floor care systems to dye your polished concrete floor without using any topical sealers:

  • Acid Staining Concrete
  • Dyed Concrete
  • Polished Concrete

Our home flooring care systems for polished concrete and acid stained concrete are all environmentally friendly. Our concrete floor care systems guarantee:

Concrete Polishing For Your Home In Florida
  • No harmful chemicals, coatings or volatile organic compounds
  • No harmful urethane, waxes or topical floor coatings
  • Harder and stronger than other floor finishes
  • Up to 400% more abrasion resistant than unfinished concrete
  • 20% increase in impact strength over unfinished concrete
  • 30% increase in ambient light reflection from unfinished concrete

At One Call Florida Inc., our acid stained floors and polished concrete floors are economically smart and less expensive when compared to other home flooring types such as ceramic tile, slate or marble. Once the concrete staining or polishing project is complete, there is no down time waiting for the concrete floor to cure. These concrete floor refinishing systems have a longer life cycle compared to any other home or industrial flooring.

One Call Florida Inc. offers the residential consumer an industrial-type concrete flooring product that can be both decorative and durable. Our polished concrete and acid staining floor systems are excellent home improvement choices for garage flooring, basement flooring, living area flooring. Moisture does not affect our polished concrete floors, unlike a topical coating system. So no need to worry when the kids track in mud or rain!

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