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One Call Florida's business is polished concrete floors, acid staining floors, and dyed concrete. Our polished concrete floors, acid stained floors and dyed concrete floors are found throughout Florida in government facilities, schools, retail and commercial applications. We provide concrete polishing services to whom ever has the need for a durable and attractive floor.

Polishing concrete is the smart choice for an attractive, cost effective floor; but good looks aren’t enough. We don’t just make floors fancy; we give them integrity. You can rest assured that our floor installation is right the first time; they’ll age well and save you money, and years from now, you’ll be glad you called us. We see your polished concrete flooring project through to the end; from the specification process to maintenance of your project.

The Best Solution

We offer a turnkey polished concrete process using the best concrete polishing products, tools and equipment available. We can ensure you a successful installation of your polished concrete floors, acid stained concrete floors and dyed concrete floors done on time and on budget.

In addition, we offer our clients an extended warranty on both our product and labor. We use the most advanced equipment and constantly update our concrete polishing methods to stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing technology. Be sure to utilize our expert advice for your polished concrete floors, dyed concrete floors and acid staining floors.

Save Time and Money

Polished concrete floors are easy to install and maintain, offer increased strength and durability, and will decrease your floor maintenance and cleaning costs. Acid staining concrete floors or updating your industrial flooring with dyed concrete can make your facility more attractive, yet more cost effective at the same time. Contact us today to see how.

Our Method

First, we use a coarse diamond disc pad, which are coarse enough to remove minor blemishes such as pits, stains or light coatings from the floor. This prepares the floor for a final smoothing. Depending on the original condition of the concrete, this is generally a 3 step process. We continue to the next step using a finer grit diamond disc pad, again using heavy duty rotary type buffing machine.

Our technicians use progressively finer grits of polishing disks in a process called lapping. For an extremely high shine polish, we will use a final grit of 1500, or finer; until the concrete floor has the required shine. The decision of the homeowner on the type of shine will determine the progression of the grit of the discs used.

From experience, our technicians know when to switch to the next finer grit by the look of the surface and the amount being removed. Our technicians will also polish with a concrete densifier which will impregnate hardeners, while grinding, to bring the best shine out of your concrete.

Scofield Systems: Specifications and Resources

Scofield is the oldest and most trusted name in architectural (sometimes called decorative) concrete coloring, texturing and performance. For 100 years they have set the standard for the industry by pioneering and developing engineered systems that allow repeatability and consistency, batch-to-batch and project-to-project.

LM Scofield Concrete Polishing Products and Systems Our expert technicians are thoroughly trained in the Scofield method and ready to help you with your concrete polishing project. One Call Florida can assist with concrete acid staining, concrete dying and concrete polishing needs from specifications through to the easy maintenance process. We offer a warranty on all products and labor.

We want your experience with our company and polished concrete flooring to be outstanding and ongoing. We offer customized maintenance programs for all of our polished concrete floors. For more information, please see the following specification resources provided by Scofield:

Color Options

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Liquid Dye Concentrate is the penetrating, translucent dye concentrate designed to color interior concrete surfaces prior to being sealed, densified, or polished. Residential and Commercial Concrete Polishing in Florida Designed for easy job-site dilution, simply add to one gallon of acetone and mix thoroughly. The mixed dye is ready to use in minutes.

Formula One Dye Color Chart PDF

Where to Use Formula One Liquid Dye:

  • Interior concrete floors
  • Older interior slabs where acid stain cannot be used
  • Areas that must be quickly returned to service
  • Concrete countertops

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